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Electric Car Mechanic Performing Electric Vehicle Servicing

Electric vehicles (EV) have seen a recent surge in popularity, with both electrical and hybrid cars seen as more efficient and eco-friendly. There are a number of benefits to owning an EV, such as fewer operating costs over time and a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

While electric cars are generally easier to maintain, their different functionality means they come with challenges and breakdowns of their own. With fewer mechanics trained in EV car servicing, finding a qualified professional electric car mechanic to work on your vehicle can be a challenge.

At Auto Edge, our mechanics are fully trained to deal with a wide variety of electrical vehicles, which is why we’re one of the few mechanic garages offering a comprehensive set of EV maintenance services. The qualified, experienced mechanics at Auto Edge are able to perform a number of services on electric vehicles, including:

  • Electric car maintenance.
  • Electric vehicle repair.
  • Electric car battery maintenance, repair and replacement.
  • Electric car window repair.
  • Log book servicing.

Electrical car maintenance requirements can be very different to those of a standard petrol car, often requiring entirely different parts and a higher level of expertise and specialist knowledge.

You can count on the skilled, highly trained electric car mechanics at Auto Edge to get the job done right when it comes to servicing an electric car. Our state-of-the-art workshop allows us to efficiently work on electrical and hybrid vehicles across a wide range of brands, including:

  • Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • Toyota Prius
  • All Tesla models

Get the very most out of your electric or hybrid vehicle by choosing a qualified, experienced EV mechanic. Choose Auto Edge for all your EV needs, and we’ll make sure your electrical vehicle gets back on the road, and fast. By choosing a Bosch franchise electric car mechanic, you receive a nationwide guarantee of quality and trustworthiness. 

Standard 4-Step EV Car Service:

  1. Check-in and briefing: You’ll sign in your car and keys, and we’ll go through any concerns or specifics that you want to be addressed.
  2. Diagnostic: Full diagnostic testing is run on your car to identify any problem areas. You’ll be contacted between 2-3 hours after drop off with results. If problems are found, you’ll receive photos or video by email, detailing the repairs required and why they are needed.
  3. Servicing: We use a hoist to check brake hydraulics, shock absorbers, wheel bearings, steering and gearbox levels. Once we get your vehicle back on the ground, you name it – we check it. For electric cars, a special focus is placed on proper battery maintenance.
  4. Finishing touches: A rego reminder sticker is put on your screen to remind you about license renewal. Time permitting, your car is washed, windscreen polished and cleaned internally. Items that need to be monitored are listed on the invoice.

We offer a complimentary vehicle inspection on any new purchase you’re considering, which may enable you to negotiate a better price.

For electric vehicle servicing, call the friendly team at Auto Edge today on (08) 9274 8083, or for general enquiries, you book an appointment using our online booking form

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