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Auto Edge
(08) 9274 8083

Auto Edge specialises in brakes and clutch repairs, including ABS Brakes, Disc Brakes & Drum Brakes.

Are you getting that familiar smell of burning clutch on steep hills? Do your brakes sound like a cat stuck in a generator?

Our mechanics are highly experienced and trustworthy with all things brakes. We know how important brakes are to the overall safety and performance of your vehicle and strive to provide quality brakes repair services in the Midland and surrounding areas. 

Here at Auto Edge, we think that being able to stop your vehicle is pretty important. Your brakes take a lot of punishment and they need some regular TLC to ensure that, when you really need them, they’ll come through for you.

We’ll give your brakes and clutch a thorough once-over, and make sure that they’re in tip-top condition, keeping you, your pride and joy and your most precious of cargo safe.

Regular repairs and replacements on consumable parts like brake pads can save you a lot of money in th elong run, and they might even save your life one day.

With loan vehicles, complimentary rides to your offices, and late after-work pick ups available, you have no excuse not to make sure your brakes won’t let you down when it really counts. 

For the very best in brakes repairs and servicing, our Midvale workshop Auto Edge has you covered. To request a quote for your job or make a booking, get in touch with our friendly team today.

For brakes and clutch repairs, phone us on (08) 9274 8083, or fill in our easy booking form. Additionally, contact us below for any queries.

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Auto Edge
in Midvale, WA
(08) 9274 8083

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