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If you’re experiencing grinding or whining sounds, mysterious burning smells or unexplained vibrating sensations in your vehicle, you may be in need of transmission servicing. 

Perth roads are not the place to experience a breakdown, and that’s what you could be facing if your transmission problem goes left unchecked.

Fortunately, the experienced technicians at Auto Edge are specialists in automatic transmission servicing.

Servicing a gearbox or clutch can be a complex operation. Auto Edge has the right diagnostic tools and know-how to get to the bottom of your problem accurately and efficiently. Before carrying out servicing work, your transmission specialist will conduct a thorough check of your system and advise you on exactly what needs to be done.

The key to resolving transmission problems is discovering the underlying cause and addressing it at the source, rather than providing band-aid solutions.

We don’t do quick patch-up jobs based on guesswork – that approach might save you a few bucks in the short term, but the problem will be back to plague you again in a few months time. 

If you suspect your vehicle’s transmission could be working better, don’t put off booking it in for a tune-up. A service, flush and lubricant now works out a lot cheaper than an expensive new clutch down the track. It will also help your car to run more efficiently, keeping your fuel bills down.

When it comes to auto transmission servicing, Midland locals can rely on Auto Edge for great results that don’t cut corners. Speak to our experienced team today on (08) 9274 8083, use our quick and easy online booking form to make a booking. 

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Auto Edge
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