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 April 15 2020

With the colder months just around the corner, now’s the time to start thinking about what your car needs to keep you safe and comfortable on the roads in winter. Although Perth winters can be relatively mild, it pays to take a few extra precautions to ensure your car is ready to deal with darker, wetter conditions.

Here are five winter vehicle checks that every driver should carry out now. 

Check your tyres

Winter rains mean roads can be more slippery than usual, creating the potential for serious hazards. In wet conditions, ensuring your tyres are in good condition is essential.  As your vehicles point of contact with the road, your tyres are central to keeping you in control and preventing accidents.

Make sure tyre pressure is correct (as per the specifications of your car’s manufacturer) and keep an eye on the overall condition of your tyres. In particular, be aware that the depth of tyre treads wears down over time, and this affects grip and traction. Worn out treads mean it’s time to replace your tyres, and failing to do so is even more risky in wet conditions.

Check your windscreen wipers

When driving in the rain, working windscreen wipers are non-negotiable. Like any other part of your car, wiper blades are exposed to wear and tear over time. This can lead to squeakiness, which can be annoying. Worse, a broken wiper blade can become ineffective in moving water off your windscreen, impeding visibility.

Check your headlights

With shorter days kicking in, you might notice that your morning commute is becoming significantly darker. For safety reasons, you’ll need to use your headlights at these times, so check for blown bulbs or dim/clouded light. If any of your car’s exterior lights are not up to scratch, it’s essential that you have them replaced immediately.

Check your battery

Cold conditions put extra strain on batteries, making them work harder than usual. If your battery is temperamental, it’s worth having it looked at by a professional to assess its capacity to get your car through winter – without having to call for roadside assistance.

Check your heating and demister

It goes without saying that a car climate control system is a huge plus over winter. If you haven’t used the heating function in a few months, now’s the time to check that it’s performing as it should. You’ll thank yourself come July! Importantly, make sure the demister is working properly – this can be essential for road visibility on chilly days.

Of course, the easiest route to getting your car ready for winter is to have it looked at by a qualified auto mechanic. Midvale area locals can rely on the team at Auto Edge for professional assistance in this area.

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