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 March 17 2020

Maintaining your gas vehicle

Like all vehicles, cars running on LPG require regular maintenance in order to function at a safe and efficient level. By having a regular tune up, usually twice a year, you’re ensuring that your vehicle is running the way it should. Keeping your LPG vehicle regularly serviced also gives you the comfort that you’re getting the best fuel economy.

Without proper maintenance to your LPG vehicle, you can encounter issues such as having too much air in your gas tank – or not enough of it. These are known as ‘running lean’ or ‘running rich’, which can lead to increased gas consumption or ineffective acceleration among other problems.

Importance of regular tuning

By getting regular servicing by a professional mechanic, you can rest assured knowing your vehicle is running at its best. Australian law requires that LPG tank testing needs to be done every ten years by a licensed operator. Many workshops that offer LPG servicing aren’t qualified to do this, which means they can tune your vehicle, but they aren’t allowed to certify that it meets legal requirements. This is because they lack the equipment to do the job properly.

Not all gas systems are the same, which is why it’s important to choose a workshop that is experienced with LPG systems and has the right equipment to inspect and service them. At Auto Edge, we are easily able to perform LPG tank testing in addition to regular tuning.

If you’re having trouble starting your gas car, experiencing fast engine idling, or finding that your engine is stalling frequently, it’s important to get a service quickly, otherwise you might find yourself calling a breakdown mechanic.

Keeping Your Gas Vehicle Safe

There’s a big difference between LPG servicing and your regular car service. This is because LPG components will wear out over time, including the power converter and filter, things which aren’t looked at during a regular car service. If your gas vehicle is experiencing issues, you will have less control on the road, putting you and your loved ones at risk. 

The most important thing you can do to increase your safety is entrust your vehicle’s needs with an experienced LPG specialist. It is dangerous to try servicing your gas vehicle yourself. Don’t risk your car or your home – leave it to the professionals instead. 

Complete our simple booking form, give us a call on (08) 9274 8083 or just drop by and speak with our friendly staff in order to book an LPG vehicle service.

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