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 February 17 2020

Air conditioning is something most drivers take for granted…until it stops working.

Unlike a flat battery or a lack of brake fluid, air conditioning is an easy function to ignore, to the point where you may not be aware that it needs servicing at all.

However, just like every other part of a car, your auto air conditioning is a complicated system that definitely benefits from servicing. In order to get the best results from your air con, you need to take care of it with a car aircon regas.

Air conditioning works on refrigerant gas, a limited resource that is slowly drained over the years as you use your car’s cooling function. This gas absorbs the heat from the inside of your car and provides you with cooler air, but if it runs out, or there’s a fault in the system, it can mean you’re in for some very uncomfortable driving experiences when the weather heats up. This is why getting a car air con service, or an air con regas, is so important.

What If I Run Out of Gas?

Unlike petrol or oil, the refrigerant gas isn’t something your car needs to run smoothly. However, this also means that it’s not considered an essential, and thus won’t be included in standard services. Once your car runs out of refrigerant gas (and it usually needs topping up every 1-2 years), your cooling system will simply be pushing warm air around the interior, greatly reducing the comfort of your drive. 

Potential dangers can also arise if you aren’t able to demist your windscreen due to not having access to cooling, which can reduce visibility and greatly increase the chance of an accident. 

Refrigerant gas might not be as important as oil, but it’s still far more important than you’d think…and still something you don’t want to be without, which is why a car aircon regas is a vital part of automotive maintenance.

What If There Are Other Problems?

Your car air con gas might just run out with use over time, but if you notice a sudden drop in your cooling efficiency, then there could be other factors at play. Cracks and leaks can sometimes appear and develop within your car’s heating and cooling system, which causes the gas to escape a lot faster.

These can also cause your air con to become less efficient (since a lot of the gas escapes before it does its job of providing cool air), or even stop working altogether. 

If you’ve noticed any sudden, unexplained faults in the quality of your car’s air conditioning, then it could just be that there’s a fault with the system itself, and this is something you need to get checked out by a qualified mechanic.

How Can I Get My Air Con Fixed?

A car aircon regas is a simple procedure for most makes and models, typically taking around 45 minutes to an hour. This involves checking your refrigerant gas levels, filling up the tank and making sure there are no faults in the cooling system over all; cracks, leaks etc.

You can either let your mechanic know that you’ve been having issues with your air conditioning or simply come in if it’s been a while since your last regas. The friendly team at Auto Edge are able to perform a variety of cooling services on all makes and models, from a simple car aircon service to full car aircon repairs.

Our qualified and experienced mechanics are experts in diagnosing and repairing problems to get you back on the road faster, and give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your air con is working as it should.

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To book a car aircon regas or service, call the team at Auto Edge today on (08) 9274 8083, or send us a message using our online contact form below.


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