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 November 1 2019

Has your car broke down? Are you after car breakdown safety tips? Are you preparing for a road trip? Auto Edge is here to help. Additionally, the idea of a car breakdown can be extremely scary for car owners. Although unlikely, car breakdowns are an everyday reality for Australians across the country. In addition, the way you prepare for and/or handle a car breakdown is pivotal to the safety of you and your passengers. 

Additionally, if you are experiencing a roadside assistance emergency, contact Auto Edge. The safety of you and your car is our priority. We at Auto Edge have prepared a car breakdown guide to ensure you know what to do if the situation arises. 

Before you leave:

1. Pack an emergency and comfort kit.

Firstly, think of your emergency kit as your life raft. In addition, it will help you stay afloat whilst you wait for your roadside assistance provider

Furthermore, your emergency kit should include jumper cables, an empty petrol can, reflectors, a spare tire and basic tools. Additionally, in your emergency kit you should have the numbers of your emergency contacts, your roadside assistance provider and your insurance company. Furthermore, always keep a copy of a street directory in your kit, in case your GPS runs out of battery. 

Moreover, think of the comfort kit as the snacks you eat on the life raft. Water is your main priority. Pack multiple litres and even more for long trips in remote areas. Finally, store plenty of snacks that can be eaten during your wait for help.

2. Get your car serviced 

Firstly, ensuring that your car is in top condition is the most effective way to prevent a car break down. Furthermore, even new cars can run into trouble from time to time, so book in a car service to ensure your car is running smoothly before your trip.

Your car has broken down:

1. Move your car to the side of the road

Turn your hazard lights on. 

As soon as you notice your car is struggling, if it’s safe to do so, pull your car over to the side of the road. In addition, if you’ve broken down on a freeway, try and make it to an emergency stopping lane. 

2. Make sure you can be seen by other road users

Your hazards should already be on, but if they’re not – put them on now. Additionally, try to avoid parking on a corner of bend as your parked car must be visible to all nearby road users. Furthermore, if it is safe to leave your car once it’s on the side of the road, raise your bonnet to indicate to road users that your car broke down. Finally, if you are unable to move your car, make sure you stay inside.

If you are in an emergency situation in a remote location, use a light coloured, large piece of clothing and place it on the roof of your car. Draw a large ‘X’ on the clothing so that it can be seen by an aircraft. This tells the pilot that you are stranded and your car has broken down. 

3. Get assistance

Often trying to fix your car on your own can worsen the issue. Unless you know for sure how to fix the problem, it is vital that you contact your roadside assistance provider.

Additionally, if you’re in a remote location and your phone is out of power, it is very important to stay with your car. Flag down a passerby and write down your details, location, emergency contact numbers and your service provider. They can make the call for your with their phone, or at the nearest town. 

Contact Us:

If your car broke down, you can contact Auto Edge for professional roadside assistance. In addition, get in touch on (08) 9274 8083 or by using our contact form below. The friendly team at Auto Edge is here to help you get home safely.


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