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 September 30 2019

Firstly, the winter chills aren’t the only time when you need to keep a close eye on your vehicle; summer comes with its own set of challenges. Additionally, before this year’s summer hits and brings with it some scorching temperatures, here are a few simple summer car care tips to prepare your car for the toughest of climates and make sure it always gets you from A to B!

1. Maintain Your Air Con:

We’re knocking off the most obvious summer car care tip first, and that’s that you need to take care of your car’s air conditioning. In addition, beating the summer heat while you drive is only one part of it, as a poorly maintained air conditioning system can hit you with all kinds of downsides, like guzzling up more of your fuel while not even doing the job properly. In addition, hot weather will mean that the refrigerant gas and compressor oil in the system is under more strain than usual, so an air con regas and service before summer is always a smart move.

2. Coolant Matters:

Yep, coolant during hot weather is vital. Not exactly a shocker, but it’s important to know why. Car engines heat up when in use, with coolant the essential ingredient to making sure they don’t overheat. Additionally, when you’re cruising along with the air con at full blast, temperatures outside scraping the high thirties or even higher, your car’s cooling system is under a lot of pressure, much more so than in winter. Furthermore, it’s your job to check coolant levels and keep them at a constant, healthy level. It also doesn’t hurt to have a look for leaks and make sure the hoses transferring the fluid are in good shape.

3. Check Your Batteries:

Firstly, hot weather is one of the main causes of batteries going dead, since the heat causes the fluid within the battery to evaporate quicker, as well as wearing out various parts of the battery itself. In addition, while car batteries are built to take a beating, testing them is quick and easy, and doing so before the temps soar could be the difference between an amazing summer road trip or a breakdown bust. Finally, get a car service today to get your batteries checked!

4. Keep an Eye on Those Tyres:

Firstly, tyres are at a much greater risk of blowout when driving in hot weather, since the air inside them heats up and expands…and having to change a tyre in forty-degree weather by the side of the road is a terrible addition to any holiday. Additionally, checking your tire pressure is quick and easy, and can be done at almost all garages if you don’t have the equipment at home. Furthermore, this should be done every couple of weeks in summer, and that includes your spare tire. No point in having a spare if it’s flat and useless!

5. Keep Yourself Cool:

This one is less about the car and more about the people driving it, but make sure you take care of yourself while driving in summer. Furthermore, overly hot weather can cause lapses in concentration, which lead to accidents, so stay hydrated and maybe get yourself some basic driving sunglasses; it’s a better option than blocking your vision with sun visor. Additionally, invest in sun shields for your car when it’s parked; even the cheaper options can repel the heat and make it so you can properly grasp the steering wheel when stepping back into your vehicle.

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